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Meal Prep. If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you I am the Queen of meal prepping. Even more so since I started a keto diet. The only thing that’s changed now is that I keto meal prep. I cut the carbs and upped the fat to make low carb meal prep an easy success!


Keto Meal Prep Made Easy 

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my secrets to meal prep success!

We’re talking everything from easy keto recipes, bulk meal prepping, my favorite kitchen appliances that make meal prepping easy, and even down to the containers I store my meal prepped food in!

Or if you’ve been doing keto for a while and just need a little help meal planning, we’ve got you covered! We now offer Keto Meal Plans! It comes with 4 weeks of keto meal plans for 1200 calories, 1500 calories and 1800 calories. 

It also comes with a 40 keto recipe meal prep ebook, how to meal prep ebook, meal prep instructions for each week, printable menus and instructional videos!

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First let’s talk about the easiest ways to meal prep.

Meal Prep Techniques

Instant Pot Meal Prep

The Instant Pot and other pressure cookers are a great way to meal prep on a keto diet. Pressure cookers allow you to cook meals quicker than slow cookers, and they also allow you to make tough meat super tender! We love the Instant Pot so much that we actually made two keto instant pot ebooks. 

Picture of an instant pot or instapot

Some of our favorite keto instant pot recipes to meal prep are:

If you love these keto pressure cooker recipes, then you sure join our Keto Instant Pot Facebook Group!

Keto Instant Pot Crack Chicken in White Bowl on Dark Metal Tray

Slow Cooker Meal Prep

Slow Cookers and Crockpots are also good cooking methods for meal prep. You can prep a bunch of meals into gallon bags on the weekend and then dump them in the crockpot in the morning before work. Then you get to come home to a delicious cooked hot meal.

These are some of our favorite meals that can be prepped in a slow cooker:

Food Processor Meal Prep

Believe it or not, I do a lot of keto meal prep using my food processor! Cauliflower rice is a thousand times easier to make with a food processor than by hand-grating. It’s also a whole lot cheaper than buying either fresh or frozen cauliflower rice.

The only thing that is a pain is the clean up! But it’s a small price to pay for the convenience of using a food processor. You can also use a food processor to chop nuts, grate zucchini, make nut butter, and so much more!

Other Ways to Keto Meal Prep:

easy keto meal prep

Easy Keto Foods for Low Carb Meal Prep Include:

If you’re a huge fan of chicken, we wrote an entire post devoted to keto chicken meal prep that you should check out! We also have an ebook for keto freezer friendly family meals, which is perfect for meal prepping!

Once you have prepped all of your glorious keto meals, now it’s time to pack them up! I’m all about the glass containers. I tossed all of my plastic containers a few years ago and I’ve never gone back! Below are a few of my favorite glass storage containers.

easy keto meal prep

Keto Meal Plans – Partnership with Prep Dish

And now we have some really exciting news to announce! Faith and I are partnering with Prep Dish to bring both of our audiences keto meal plans!

Prep Dish was created by fellow dietitian and chef Allison Schaaf. Her goal is that healthy eating can be easy and enjoyable! Currently she has weekly gluten-free and paleo meal plans, as well as specialty meal plans, such as AIP.

prep dish keto meal plans

Each week you will get new menus and grocery lists, along with prep day and dish day instructions. These menus will help you streamline cooking, save you time, save you money (not buying ingredients that you don’t need), and reduce food waste! Plus the meals are delicious!

Our keto meal plans are now available! Use this link to get a free 1 week keto meal plan and to see the options available!

Tell us in the comments below what your favorite meals to meal prep are!