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Today we’re sharing 19 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas You Need to Try this year! 

Instant Pot Keto Cinnamon Rolls are great for lazy Sunday mornings. Sweet with delicious keto icing, you'd think these are too good to be true! feature photo

Do I eat breakfast every day? Nope!

Some days I won’t have any “real food” and instead I’ll opt for a bulletproof coffee and will put some of our keto sweetened condensed milk (if you haven’t made this yet you’re really missing out!) in it.

Front View of Keto Vanilla Cream Bulletproof Coffee

Other days I may make a bulletproof matcha latte or in the Fall I love to make this low carb sugar free pumpkin spice latte recipe.

Low Carb Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Latte with Autumnal Leaves and Pinecones

Other days I may fast through breakfast and won’t have anything to eat or drink besides water until about 11a or 12pm. If you’ve never heard the word Intermittent fasting before, or read about the health benefits of fasting, you can learn more in this beginner’s guide to fasting post I wrote.

The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr Jason Fung is a great book, if you’re interested in learning even more about fasting!

Some mornings when I’m feeling super ambitious I’ll either fry up or bake some bacon. Seriously though, if you haven’t baked bacon in the oven yet your are missing out! It’s honestly been life changing!

I was super skeptically when my BFF Erica told me that her favorite way to eat bacon was by baking it. Personally I had been frying my bacon and putting Montreal seasoning and balsamic vinegar on top. This I thought was the bomb dot com. BUT I WAS WRONG!

bacon sign

When you bake bacon in the oven it gets super crystal-like. It’s the only way I can think to describe it. The fat drips down into the pan (which I save in mason jars) and then you’re left with heaven (the bacon) on top of the rack. I’ll have to remember to take a picture next time so you can see what I’m talking about. Normally the bacon is gone so quick I don’t even have time to take a picture LOL.

With my bacon, I normally pair it with some fried chicken or duck eggs (I fry them in the bacon fat that I’ve previously saved) and some avocado. Also, if I had previously steamed up some brussel sprouts, I will reheat them in a cast iron skillet with the bacon fat.

close up vertical image of broccoli and cheddar egg muffins in a glass storage container


Below I’m going to share with you some of my favorite low carb breakfast recipes and low carb breakfast ideas. Some of the keto recipes are super easy to make and others require a little more skill. Nonetheless, any of these will be great to meal prep for a keto breakfast!

Keto Chorizo Vegetable Hash with Fried Egg

Low Carb Breakfast Casseroles:

Low Carb Fast Food Breakfast:

We wrote a Keto Fast Food Guide where we talk about the best low carb restaurants and what to order, but below are some of our favorite low carb fast food breakfast options.

  • Starbucks sous vide egg bites
  • McDonalds sausage biscuit minus the biscuit
  • McDonalds Egg McMuffin without the bun (Canadian bacon, yum!)
  • Burger King’s Sausage, egg and cheese croissan’wich or biscuit minus the croissant or biscuit
  • Chick-fil-a chicken, egg and cheese bagel minus the bagel
  • Taco Bell naked egg taco without the potatoes

Another easy low carb fast food breakfast idea is to just order sides of egg, bacon and sausage!

Keto Toasted Coconut Chia Pudding

Healthy Low Carb Breakfast Foods:

  • Eggs (chicken, duck, quail etc, try to get local farm fresh when able!)
  • Uncured bacon
  • Pasture raised sausage
  • Kale or spinach sautéed in lard, tallow, duck fat or other healthy fat
  • Omelet with non-starchy veggies and protein.

Low Carb Breakfast Recipes We Love

low carb fruit recipes