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The Best Low Carb Vegetables to eat on a keto diet.

Many people feel that they can’t eat a bunch of vegetables on a keto diet, but I’m here to tell you otherwise. Today we’re talking keto vegetables, which ones you can have and which ones you should avoid (or minimize consumption).

We’ve created a simple low carb vegetable list that you can print off and take with you to the grocery store. This list expands on the keto grocery list we created a while back that so many of you loved.

an array of low carb vegetables on a white surface

What Vegetables are Low in Carbs?

This low carb vegetable list packed full of non starchy vegetables will help you navigate which vegetable options are your best choice for eating on a keto diet. 

When you first start a keto diet you may have many questions. What vegetables can I have on a keto diet? What vegetables are low in carbs? Are vegetables keto?

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image of low carb vegetable

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These are all great questions and today we’ve listed our favorite low carb vegetables along with how many total carbs, grams of fiber and net carbs they have per 100g.

We chose 100g because we wanted the weights to be all equal for comparison. Now you many not want to eat 100g of garlic but you could easily eat 100g of brussel sprouts or asparagus in one setting lol.

image of brussel sprouts in a bowl

image of asparagus on a white surface

Now when you look at the low carb vegetable list below you will see garlic has 30.9g net carbs per 100g. You may think to yourself, that isn’t low carb!!!

But here’s the kicker, 100g is a lot of garlic! Typically garlic is used as a seasoning in a recipe and you would only add 1 or 2 cloves of garlic for multiple servings. 1 clove of garlic is about 3g and has only 0.9g need carbs. 

image of purple cabbage on white surface

How to calculate net carbs of vegetables 

To calculate net carbs in vegetables, you want to take the total carbs minus the amount of fiber. This will give you the amount of net carbs.

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Can I eat Carrots on a Keto Diet?

Yes, you can eat carrots on a keto diet. It’s the amount of carrots that you need to watch. Per 100 grams of carrots, there is 6.8g net carbs.

Some people have bee brain washed that “carrots are high in sugar.” Yes, carrots are higher in carbs than other non-starchy vegetables since it is in the tuber family. But you don’t have to omit them from your diet, just limit them. 

image of carrots on a white surface

Carrots are a great way to add a pop of color to a dish! They can also be used to help create low carb versions of your favorites recipes such as our keto beef stew slow cooker or our low carb Instant Pot beef stew.

image of garlic and onions

an array of low carb vegetables on a white surface

Is Cauliflower low carb?

Yes! Cauliflower is a low carb vegetable that has many applications in a keto diet! Many people like to make cauliflower rice and faux potatoes aka mashed cauliflower. You can even recreate your favorite Chinese dish with our low carb fried rice recipe!

image of cauliflower on a white surface

BEST LOW CARB VEGETABLES – grams of carbs per 100g

  • carbs in broccoli
    • 6.6g carbs
    • 2.6g fiber
    • 4g net carbs
  • carbs in carrots
    • 9.6g carbs
    • 2.8g fiber
    • 6.8g net carbs
  • carbs in cauliflower
    • 5g carbs
    • 2g fiber
    • 3g net carbs
  • carbs in onions
    • 9.3g carbs
    • 1.5g fiber
    • 7.8g net carbs
  • carbs in mushrooms
    • 3.3g carbs
    • 1g fiber
    • 2.3g net carbs
  • carbs in cabbage
    • 5.8g carbs
    • 2.2g fiber
    • 3.6g net carbs
  • carbs in green beans
    • 7g carbs
    • 2.7g fiber
    • 4.3g net carbs
  • carbs in spinach
    • 3.6g carbs
    • 2.2g fiber
    • 1.4g net carbs
  • carbs in celery
    • 3g carbs
    • 1.6g fiber
    • 1.4g net carbs
  • carbs in asparagus
    • 3.9g carbs
    • 2.1g fiber
    • 1.8g net carbs
  • carbs in lettuce (romaine or cos)
    • 3.3g carbs
    • 2.1g fiber
    • 1.2g net carbs
  • carbs in brussel sprouts
    • 9g carbs
    • 3.8g fiber
    • 5.2g net carbs
  • carbs in beets
    • 9.6g carbs
    • 2.8g fiber
    • 6.8g net carbs
  • carbs in sugar snap peas
    • 7.1g carbs
    • 2.4g fiber
    • 4.7g net carbs
  • carbs in radishes
    • 3.4g carbs
    • 1.6g fiber
    • 1.8g net carbs
  • carbs in kale
    • 8.8g carbs
    • 3.6g fiber
    • 5.2g net carbs
  • carbs in turnips
    • 6.4g carbs
    • 1.8g fiber
    • 4.6g net carbs
  • carbs in garlic
    • 33g carbs
    • 2.1g fiber
    • 30.9g net carbs
  • carbs in artichokes
    • 10.5g carbs
    • 9.8g fiber
    • 0.7g net carbs
  • carbs in parsnips
    • 18g carbs
    • 4.9g fiber
    • 13.1g net carbs
  • carbs in okra
    • 7.5g carbs
    • 3.2g fiber
    • 4.3g net carbs
  • carbs in rutabaga
    • 8.6g carbs
    • 2.3g fiber
    • 6.3g net carbs

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I use cronometer to track my macros and to calculate the macros for each of our keto recipe ebooks and for the nutrition information above. 

image of broccoli on a white surface

2 Bowls of Instant Pot Keto Creamy Garlic Broccoli Mash. Low carb vegetables

So now you know which vegetables are low in carbohydrates, lets talk about low carb vegetable recipes that you can make.

A few month’s ago I actually created a post on my other blog that rounded up 15 different low carb vegetable dishes, all of which were created by fellow dietitians.

Keto One-Skillet Balsamic-Glazed Sautéed Asparagus with Bacon Vertical. Low carb vegetables.

Other Low Carb Vegetable recipes we love

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