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This low carb fruits list will be your guide to eating fruit on a keto diet. It’ll tell you what fruits are low in carbs as well as tell you what are keto friendly fruits.


When starting a keto diet, people often ask, how many carbs should you have in a day? What can I eat on a keto diet? Are they any zero carb foods? What are low carb fruits and vegetables?

Today I’m going to try and answer a few of these questions for you.

low carb blueberries. Blueberries in a white bowl.

If you haven’t already taken a peak, we have this super handy low carb vegetable list. It will tell you all of the keto friendly vegetables. It breaks them down into total carbs, grams of fiber and net carbs per weight.

It lets you better look at the entire picture of the vegetable and how it might affect your blood sugar and insulin levels. 

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If you’re new to keto, we also have a whole post about how to calculate your macros for a keto diet. It helps you calculate how many carbs you should have in a day. 

Knowing how many carbs you have per day can help you choose how many carbs you want coming from low carb fruits and vegetables.

If you have no idea what to eat on a keto diet we’ve got you covered! We also have this handy dandy beginner’s keto grocery list which will tell you what foods are best to eat on a keto diet.

All of these things will help you create a keto meal plan so you can succeed on your keto diet. If you need more help creating a keto diet meal plan, we have a free keto diet meal plan and I also have a few free keto meal plans on my other blog.

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Can you eat fruit on a Keto Diet?


Below I’ve broken down fruit into 2 different lists. High carb fruits list and low carb fruits list. Now be aware, these fruit nutrition lists are per 100g. So when you look at coconut it will seem high, but 100g of coconut is a lot of food since it’s so light compared to something that is dense like stone fruits.

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Keto Low Carb Fruits List – Carbs in Fruit per 100g

All of the following nutrition information was looked up using my favorite nutrition tracker app, Cronometer.

  • 8.6g carbs in avocado
    • 1.8g net carbs avocado
  • 15.2g carbs in coconut
    • 6.2g net carbs in coconut
  • 3.8g carbs in olives
    • 0.5g net carbs in olives
  • 3.9g carbs in tomatoes
    • 2.6g net carbs in tomatoes
  • 7.7g carbs in strawberries
    • 5.5g net carbs in strawberries
  • 3.6g carbs in cucumbers
    • 2.4g net carbs in cucumbers
  • 9.6g carbs in blackberries
    • 4.2g net carbs in blackberries
  • 11.9g carbs in raspberries
    • 5.4g net carbs in raspberries
  • 6g carbs in bell peppers
    • 3.9g net carbs in bell peppers
  • 5.7g carbs lemon juice
    • 5g net carbs in lemon juice
  • 6.7g carbs in lime juice
    • 6.3g net carbs in lime juice
  • 7.5g carbs in grape fruits
    • 6.4g net carbs in grapefruit

This low carb fruits list will be your guide to eating fruit on a keto diet. It’ll tell you what fruits are low in carbs and what are keto friendly fruits.

High Carb Fruits List – Carbs in Fruit per 100g

  • 13.8g carbs in apple
    • 10.6g net carbs in apples
  • 14.5g carbs in blueberries
    • 12.1g net carbs
  • 7.6g carbs in watermelon
    • 7.1g net carbs in watermelon
  • 15.2g carbs in pear
    • 9.8g net carbs in pears
  • 8.2g carbs in cantaloupe
    • 6.9g net carbs in cantaloupe
  • 14.7g carbs in kiwi
    • 11.5g net carbs in kiwis
  • 11.4g carbs in plums
    • 9.3g net carbs in plums
  • 31.2g carbs in plantains
    • 28.9g net carbs in plantains
  • 10.6g carbs in nectarine
    • 8.1g net carbs in nectarines
  • 18.0g carbs in red grapes
    • 17.3g net carbs in red grapes
  • 18.1g carbs in green grapes
    • 17.1g net carbs in green grapes
  • 13.3g carbs in tangerine
    • 11.2g net carbs in tangerines
  • 75g carbs in dates
    • 66.9g net carbs in dates
  • 18.7g carbs in pomegranate
    • 14.4g net carbs in pomegranates
  • 22.8g carbs in banana
    • 20.2g net carbs in bananas
  • 16g carbs in cherries
    • 11.8g net carbs in cherries
  • 9.5g carbs in peaches
    • 7.8g net carbs in peaches
  • 15g carbs in mango
    • 13.2g net carbs in mango
  • 11.8g carbs in oranges
    • 9.1g net carbs in oranges
  • 13.1g carbs in pineapple
    • 11.6g net carbs in pineapple

This low carb fruits list will be your guide to eating fruit on a keto diet. It’ll tell you what fruits are low in carbs and what are keto friendly fruits.

Now that you know which fruit are low in carbs, check out our 30 favorite low carb fruit recipes! These are delicious recipes from breakfast to dessert. All of these recipes are low in net carbs so you can eat them on a keto diet.

Looking for easy snack ideas with low carb fruit? Below are some of our favorites!

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