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So you’re thinking about starting a keto diet, but you’re a Type A personality (like me) and want to be super prepared before you start. This article will be you’re best friend! It will go over all the things you’ll need to get started on a keto diet.

cast iron skillet filled with keto fish and spinach recipe

Before you get started you will need to know what a keto diet actually is. We’ve got you covered. We wrote this article that talks about the basics of a ketogenic diet, which is helpful for keto beginners.

Now that you know what a ketogenic diet is, you’ll probably want to know what are some keto diet foods that you can eat. We recently published a keto diet foods list that you can print off or save to your favorite Pinterest board to review later.

After you’ve reviewed the keto shopping list, you’re probably ready to start making some keto diet recipes of your favorite high carbohydrate foods. We’ve got a bunch of drool worthy keto recipes that you can check out here.

Some of my favorite low carb recipes are:

Following a keto diet can be a little intimidating and you’re more likely to make it a lifestyle if you are organized and prepared.

What I’ve recently started to do each week is create a keto diet menu on this super cute letter board. I write out what we are eating for dinner each day so I can decide which ones I am going to make on prep-day and what ones I am going to make on the day of.

If you just want to eat the same things for each meal, we created this free 5 day instant pot keto diet meal plan.

My favorite keto diet tracker that I use is Cronometer. I use the paid $3 version. It is totally worth the money and you can track total carbs, net carbs (with or without sugar alcohols), protein, fat, micronutrients and macronutrients.

I love Cronometer because it uses the USDA database and ESHA database for the most accurate nutrition data. You can add your own foods, own recipes, and you can share your meals with health professionals like me 🙂

If you are interested in the keto diet for weight loss, Faith and I have created a 4 week keto meal plan course that gives you everything you need to start!

Be prepared! Have keto snacks on hand in case you have a long period between meals, if you need to travel, or to snack on if you get hungry.

Some of my favorite keto diet snacks are:

Supplements are not needed on a keto diet, but they can be super helpful in case you are unable to get all of your nutrient needs through the foods you eat.

Some of the keto supplements I use are:

  • Magnesium Glycinate
  • MCT Oil/MCT Oil Powder
  • Pink or Red Sea Salt
  • Low Carb Protein Powder

Any of the above items would be perfect to add to a keto diet gift basket to give to a friend or family member that is going to start a ketogenic diet.

I know this is a lot of information to take in. Hopefully the above will provide a good resource to you or friends and family that are thinking about following a keto diet.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite keto snacks and supplements are.