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Today’s post is all about one of our favorite kitchen appliances, the Instant Pot aka the “Instapot” like so many people (my family) like to call it! It will change the way you cook and shop for food!

Picture of an instant pot or instapot

I (Lara) having been using my instant pot for a couple years now and it has LITERALLY changed the way I cook. So much so that I bought one for my parents and my boyfriend’s parents on black Friday, and I of course bought myself a second as my parents call it Instapot.

So why do I need more than one “Instapot”

Because they’re pretty freaking amazing!

I can cook a chuck roast in one while making one of our many BONE BROTH RECIPES in the other.

I can cook a whole rotisserie chicken in one while making copycat Chipotle lime rice in the other.

I even got the other half of The Keto Queens to get an “Instapot” and she made this Keto Creamy Garlic Broccoli Mash which makes you re-think the way you eat broccoli.

She loved it so much she made a whole keto instant pot ebook! It actually just went live on Amazon a few days ago and you can pick it up on sale right now for $2.99!

I’ll give you a teaser of the delicious ebook.

Here is our Keto Almond Joy Breakfast Jars


Keto Almond Joy Breakfast Jars

Yes you can even make breakfast in the “InstaPot”


We all know you just came for the Keto Chocolate Fudgy Cake! Can you believe we made this in the “InstaPot?!”



Meatloaf Florentine…….yeah this ain’t yo momma’s meatloaf….it’s WAY BETTER!


Meatloaf Florentine

I saved ONE of the best for last!

BETTER THAN “Crack Chicken”

Better Than Crack Chicken


We put our own spin on the Notorious Conor McGregor…I mean “Crack Chicken” recipe and I may be a little biased, but our recipe was da bomb!

Like, after you try our recipe, this will be your new go-to recipe for when you have company coming over and your children will be begging you to make this for them!

Tell us in the comments what your favorite recipe that you’ve made so far in your “InstaPot”