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Creating a morning routine is a great way to provide structure to your day. These morning routine ideas will help you start your morning off with success!

image of bulletproof coffee in a white mug with a newspaper and white flower

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With so many people working from home nowadays it’s even more important to create a productive morning routine. If you’re not used to working from home or being your own boss it can be so easy too get off track and be unproductive.

image of bulletproof coffee in a white mug with a spoon and ghee  image of bulletproof coffee in a white mug with a spoon        

What’s the best morning routine?

The best morning routine doesn’t look the same for everyone. Just like the ideal eating habits don’t look the same person to person. If you want to create a morning routine that works great for you, be prepared for a little trial and error. 

We swear it will be worth the time and effort though!

creating a morning routine with bulletproof coffee and ghee and an empty mug

Benefits of having a morning routine

  • Provides consistency and normality to your morning day no matter what else the day may bring ahead
  • Reduces stress by being on auto pilot in the morning. If you do something so many times, you won’t have to think about it. Let your mind be at ease for at least part of the day
  • Free up more time in the morning by getting quicker the more you do things. You’ll also find out which order works best for certain things
  • Built in self care every day. Make sure part of your morning routine gives back to you mentally, physically or both! Some people even incorporate a morning yoga routine or morning stretch routine! Personally I prefer a morning workout routine

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My Morning Routine

First I’ll wake up and typically this is to Loki (my 10 month old golden retriever puppy) wagging his tail so hard that it would be used as a weapon. I’ll let the pups out and then I’ll start to make myself a pre-workout drink and get ready for the gym.

After the gym I’ll shower and change into comfy clothes (yay for working from home) and then I’ll make myself a bulletproof coffee. Then I’ll load up the pups and take them to the dog park where I’ll enjoy my coffee while they wear themselves out.

image of bulletproof coffee in a white mug

After the dog park I normally make myself a protein shake or breakfast (or protein bar if I know it’s going to be a busy day) and then I check emails and write a to-do list in my planner for the most important things I need to tackle that day. 

collagen protein bar on top of red dumbbells

I typically have tiers of work to finish divided by importance or due dates. If I have too many things on my list i tend to get overwhelmed quickly. To be honest I used to try and write in my 5 Minute Journal and check my blood ketones and glucose every morning while the sauna was heating up, but that has gone to the way side.

an opened bulletproof collagen protein bar

It didn’t make me happy and I didn’t feel like I was gaining anything from it. I sort of dreaded it and then eventually stopped doing it. Instead I do the sauna in the late afternoon once I’m done with work for the day. I can’t do it in the evening or I won’t be able to sleep.

Things that I’ve found that bring joy to me and I do them every day are enjoying a nice bulletproof coffee and playing with the pups. If I do these things every morning, I feel like I’m set up for success.

image of bulletproof coffee in a white mug with a spoon

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