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Today we’re sharing our honest review of hundred vitamins. We were compensated for our time, but all opinions are our own.

We were contacted by Hundred vitamins to see if we wanted to try their personalized vitamins service. Honestly, we were intrigued at first. There are so many vitamin and supplement companies out there and we wanted to see what made them so different. 

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By a show of hands, how many of you want longer hair? Or a better night sleep? Or a more regular digestive system? Or less stress?!

If you’re anything like us, you probably raised your hand for each one of those.

There’s no such thing as a magic pill; however, how many of your moms told you to take your vitamin?! There’s a good reason for that. We aren’t doctors and we aren’t giving medical advice, but we can talk about what has worked for us, which is a holistic approach to health.

Vitamins can help fill the gap in our nutrition. Sometimes our foods aren’t as nutritious as they once were, possibly because of  soil depletion or other farming practices that we have no control over. That’s where vitamins and supplements come in.

We think of vitamins and supplements as a way to optimize what we’re putting into our bodies. But it can also be tricky because there are a lot of different vitamins on the market. It can get very confusing, right? And as individuals, our needs are all different.

That’s where Hundred comes in! They’re transparent about their ingredients, sourcing, and testing. And their suggestions are tailor-made for each person. Because if you’re going to take a vitamin or supplement, you might as well make it count!

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So what makes Hundred different than other vitamin brands?

First off you start with a quiz.

I know I know, not another online quiz. Don’t skip this part though! It helps Hundred make personalized vitamin recommendations for you from their Nutrition Experts.

The quiz will ask you, your height, age, weight, for females if you’re nursing, pregnant or in menopause, if your periods are regular, do you get frequent UTIs, if you’re taking any current medications, if you have any food allergies or if you omit foods from your diet (I omitted soy and corn). 

It asks if you follow any specific diet (ketogenic is on their list which is great to see!). If asks how frequently you eat meat, how often you eat oily fish, how frequently you consume dairy or fortified milk alternatives, how many servings of fruits and veggies per day, if you want to gain/lose/maintain weight, if you drink alcohol and how you are with caffeine. 

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It asks about how active you are – times per week, durations and intensity. I’m doing more cardio now since the gyms are closed because of quarantine and the pups are loving all of the long trail walks here in Florida!

If asks about smoking, sunlight exposure, how much or little do you sleep, how is the quality of your sleep, do you have trouble falling asleep. It also asks about stress – I was pleasantly surprised to see this because so many times people don’t think about stress impacting their nutrition!

It asks what your primary health target is : energy, stress, sleep, mood, digestion, skin, detox, brain, sex, eyes, immune system, hair, mobility, heart. 

It asks a few questions about if you’re currently taking vitamins, it asks about your level of nutrition knowledge, it also asks if you have a secondary health target.

After you finish answering a few more questions, boom! You get your personalized vitamin plan according to your lifestyle and health targets.

I was honestly so surprised on how in-depth the questionnaire was!

image of hundred vitamins with carnations and a cup of tea

For me (Lara) I got Gut Goodness (Pre/Probiotic) and Stress Buster (Ashwagandha) and Faith got the Hair Helper (Keranat). The vitamins were delivered super fast, night packing and the sachets very easy to open!

What is super cool is that they are individually packaged for each day! So no more forgetting if you’ve already taken your vitamins. Or if you’re traveling no need to take all of the bottles with you for a work trip or vacation.

If you’re the only one in the house using Hundred, then this won’t be a big selling point BUT your name is on each sachet so you won’t ever wonder who’s is whose. 

So after your vitamins are delivered you, you get to have a chat with a Nutritionist! After your initial chat you then get to talk with the nutritionist quarterly to see if you need to make any changes to your current vitamins. There’s also online support on their website any time you need it. 

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What we LOVED about Hundred vitamins

  • The personalized vitamin recommendations based on your your current health goals and current nutrition status.
  • Individually packaged daily vitamins – no need for those plastic containers full of vitamins!
  • The ability to remove a certain vitamin from the recommendations (for example if I had a bottle of ashwagandha still left to use I could omit it from this month’s sachet)
  • If you have food sensitivities or food allergies, Hundred makes it super easy to make sure your supplements don’t contain any of the foods that you are trying to avoid.
  • Save 15% when you purchase 3 months prepaid OR get an additional 30% off your first 2 months when you use our discount code 🙂 everyone likes to save money right?!

If you’re ready to try Hundred vitamins – use our code KETOQUEENS30 to get 30% OFF your first 2 months. 

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