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Today we’re showing you some of the BEST sushi in Tampa, Florida! We’re sharing with you our top 5 favorites on the West Coast of Florida for mouthwatering sushi. These restaurants have low carb options that are great if you want to eat sushi on keto!

sushi tampa

Some people think that you can’t eat sushi on a keto diet, but that’s just not true. We’re excited to share with you our favorite keto friendly sushi in one of our favorite towns on Florida’s West Coast!

Both Faith and I visit Tampa frequently, not only for business but for pleasure as well. We’ve rented out several Airbnb’s over the past several months in Tampa, and on occasion we like to splurge for dinner with keto sushi. 

Depending on the time of the month, we’ll either choose low carb sushi options, or a little bit higher carb – which you wouldn’t normally think is keto friendly.

While we know this may be controversial topic, since not everyone does carb ups, we believe in doing a carb up around that time of the month. On these days, we normally add 35 to 50 grams of carbohydrates to our dinner meal to help with female hormonal regulation.

One reason we choose sushi as our carb up is because the sushi rice is a resistant starch. When the sushi rice is heated and cooled, it’s glycemic index is lowered, making less of an impact on glucose and insulin levels than if it were to be eaten hot without ever being cooled.

Enough with this dietitian talk – let’s hop into the list!

The Best Sushi Restaurants in Tampa

Soho Sushi Tampa

Soho Sushi is one of our favorites! We’ve visited multiple times, not only enjoying their delicious sushi (they have tons of fun rolls!), but also because of the cute ambiance, and friendly staff. It’s equally great for date night, girl’s night out, or a casual business meeting.

We love to mix it up as far as what kind of sushi we order, but these are the menu items that we go back to time and time again! Seaweed salad, cucumber-wrapped sushi rolls, and deep fried sushi rolls.

cucumber sushi roll at soho sushi

Cucumber Tuna Roll at Soho Sushi (Above)

tuna at soho sushi

Tuna Avocado Appetizer (Above)

seaweed salad at soho sushi

Seaweed Salad (Above)

fried roll at soho sushi

Deep-Fried Roll (Above)

Noble Rice – Tampa

noble rice outside

Noble Rice is a very small, intimate spot (almost like a sushi cafe) in the Hyde Park area of Tampa, close to the University of Tampa.

It was rather dark inside which made for poor quality photos (sorry!), but we loved the ambiance. It’s the perfect place for a romantic date night. However, we don’t recommend taking a business client there, if that’s what you’re looking for.

noble rice inside

Noble Rice has a small, intimate, and relaxed atmosphere.

faith at noble rice

Faith debating the options at Noble Rice.

lara at noble rice

Lara excited for sushi!

The service was great, especially for a slower, quiet night an hour before closing, which is when we were there. We could definitely see how dinnertime would be really jumping there, though! The chef’s sampler sashimi was very good, if a little pricey. Most of the menu was a little pricey, which explains the date night recommendation!

noble rice chirashi

Their menu is smaller, as it’s more about the actual craft of sushi. And their sushi is incredibly fresh! If you’re looking for an authentic sushi experience, this is your place. However, if you want a variety of fun flavored rolls, this probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

Sake 23 – Downtown St. Petersburg

sake 23 inside

Sake 23 in Downtown St. Petersburg is the most unique spot on our list! It’s definitely more of a sake bar destination, with cool wall art and a gorgeous white marble bar that just screams sports bar and begs to be sat at.

sushi at sake 23

But don’t overlook the delicious sushi! Their sushi roll menu is a bit more limited than some other restaurants, but they are well-crafted, fresh, and were quickly and easily devoured by Faith and I as we wrote the Table of Contents for our next keto cookbook. If you want to plan an exciting evening for yourself, try it out for guy’s night out, or cozy up in a booth for date night.

Samurai Blue Sushi & Sake Bar – Ybor City

The first thing you will notice about Samurai Blue is the historic, brick exterior of the building it’s in. It totally fits the vibe of its Ybor City location.

ceiling at samauri blue

The inside will surprise you, though. The gorgeous vaulted beam ceilings that stretch to the sky tower over a super intimate setting of square high-top tables, cozy booths, and a long bar that screams sake bomb.

interior at samauri blue

It’s perfect because bachelor and bachelorette parties and other special occasions roll into Ybor every week!

That being said, it’s a great choice for everyday upscale dining as well. The sushi selection is varied and delicious. We enjoyed the deep-fried Philadelphia roll and a tempura shrimp roll.

fried roll at samauri blue

Deep-Fried Philadelphia Roll (Above)

sushi roll at samauri blue

Tempura Shrimp Roll (Above)

Whole Foods Sushi Department – Tampa

Whole Foods may not be on most people’s radar when it comes to sushi, but it’s a great option in Tampa – and anywhere else, really! The keto sushi options available at Whole Foods are an example of what we would eat on a carb up day, since most do contain rice.

The variety is fantastic! And the convenience is great for when you’re in a rush, or just looking for an easy meal while grocery shopping.

tuna and salmon nigiri and roll whole foods

Tuna and Salmon Nigiri/Roll Combo at Whole Foods (Above)

dueling duet whole foods

Dueling Duet Roll at Whole Foods (Above)

big easy shrimp roll whole foods

Scorpion Roll and Big Easy Shrimp Roll at Whole Foods (Above)

sea greens salad whole foods

Sea Greens Salad at Whole Foods (Above)

Keto Sushi FAQs

Is Sushi Low Carb?

It can be, as long as you skip the rice! Stick to raw or cooked fish for the lowest carb count.

A simple way to make sushi rolls low carb is to ask for it wrapped in cucumber instead of rice. Not every restaurant will do this, so ask ahead of time before choosing a sushi spot. Be aware that some places may upcharge for this service.

Or you could always just order sashimi (basic slices of raw fish) instead!

Can I Eat Sushi On Keto?

Of course! The keto diet is becoming more and more popular, so if you’re lucky, your server or sushi chef can assist you with choosing the low carb sushi options from the menu. Always make sure to ask what’s inside if you aren’t sure.

What Sushi Can I Eat on Keto?

Keto Sushi Options:

  • Sashimi, the basic slices of raw fish without rice
  • Sometimes Tuna Tataki, which is a lightly seared ahi tuna dish
  • Cucumber rolls
  • Seaweed salad
  • Along the lines of sushi, we love a Poke bowl on a bed of greens

Be Wary Of Hidden Carbs:

  • Scallops and other shellfish contain higher carbs than other protein sources
  • The sauces and condiments at sushi restaurants can be quite high in carbs

What are some of your favorite keto sushi options? Share with us in the comments below!

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