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If you’re heading to Tuscany, Italy and are looking for a mind-blowing wine tasting experience, this article is a MUST read and a huge INSIDER TIP! We had a Private Tuscan Wine Tasting at Le Trosce and it was unlike any other wine tasting event we’ve ever been to. They set the bar extremely high for every wine tasting we go to after this!

Rolling Hills of Tuscany and Wine Tasting in Tuscany Italy

If you’re heading to Italian wine country and looking for a Tuscan wine tasting, you don’t want to miss out on Le Trosce. Amazing hospitality, a beautiful estate, delicious wine, a huge spread of low carb local Italian food, and an experience you’ll never forget for just 18 euros per person!

Tuscany Italy

Rolling hills, picturesque castles, and vineyards as far as the eye can see are all common sights in Tuscany, Italy. During our European road trip our favorite place by far was the Tuscan countryside. Not only was it breathtakingly lush and beautiful, but being in the heart of wine country, the wine was fabulous.

Tuscan Castle

In Tuscany, we stayed at a castle for the night that we found on Airbnb. Our sweet hostess Anna went the extra mile and recommended a fabulous local private wine tasting for us, and it’s a great example of why you should ask locals for recommendations! We never would have found this wine tasting on our own, and it was incredible.

Tuscany at Sunset

And if you want stay in the tower in the medieval castle we stayed at, here it is on Airbnb. At the time we booked, our room was a bargain at 44 euros per night.

Tuscan Castle Airbnb

Private Tuscan Wine Tasting at Le Trosce

Here are the details for the Tuscan wine tasting we experienced:

  • Cost: 18 euros per person
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: Podere Le Trosce, Loc, 6 Stellino SI
  • On Google Maps:
  • Phone: 335 541 3647
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]

Tuscan Vineyard at Le Trosce

Le Trosce Estate

We had a two-hour tasting  at Le Trosce, whose name comes from the small bursts of water that occasionally emerge from the subsoil. It’s a family owned and operated small estate where they value genuineness, craftsmanship, and tradition. They manually weed and don’t use herbicides.

Grape Vineyard in Tuscany

Our experience started with a short tour of the estate. Our hostess Valentina shared the vineyard’s history, which was also her family history. She talked about how they grow the grapes the traditional way with olive trees interspersed (this is called the “promiscuo” system).

At harvest time, which is in September and October, it’s a family affair because her family hand-picks the crops.

Le Trosce Wine Bottle with Glass of Wine

Chianti Classico

Le Trosce Wine Room

The fruit is processed in small batches right on her family’s property. Fermentation occurs naturally in steel vats with no yeast added. Due to the airy and dry climate of the region, it’s chianti country, so Chianti Classico is their main type of wine. They create different colored labels for each year.

Three Bottles of Chianti Classico Le Trosce Wine

Their Chianti Classico was a very dry red wine, and is very classic to the region. (We learned that this is quite typical of any Tuscan wine tasting! Chianti Classico is what you’ll commonly find.)

We tried two different vintages, a “Reserve” from 2011 and a younger vintage from 2015. We enjoyed them both; however, the Reserve vintage was smoother and fruitier, while the younger vintage was a bit more peppery.

Two Glasses of Tuscan Chianti Classico Wine

Vin Santo

Le Trosce Vin Santo

They also make a sweet wine called Vin Santo. Vin Santo is made with Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes harvested at the end of October. The grapes are stored in wooden baskets in aerated cool rooms until after Christmas. This allows the grapes to lose about 70% of their original weight and achieve the right sugar content. The grapes are gently pressed and aged in traditional small oak barrels that are sealed with cement and left to ferment for 3 to 5 years.

Their Vin Santo isn’t filtered; they use their 50 year old “Madre” (aka “the Mother”) to ferment. The end result is bright amber in color, and has an aromatic palate of dried and candied fruit, apricot, and orange peel. To us, it tasted like a sipping brandy.

Vineyard and Olive Grove in Tuscany

Olive Oil

Olives on Tree in Tuscany

Their olive oil comes from centenarian olive trees, which are typical of the Chianti cultivation. Olives are also hand-picked and ground with a few hours to minimize oxidation. All of their olives are made into oil; they don’t process olives for eating whole (that’s done in the south of Italy).

Olive Oil Room at Le Trosce

An Italian Feast (We love Italian food, so much of it is naturally keto!)

Appetizer Platter

Above (clockwise from top right): marinated artichoke hearts; chèvre cheese balls with fig; mostarda di frutta, and cured olives.

Two Kinds of Sheep Cheese with Green Tomato Jam

Above: two kinds of sheep’s milk cheese with green tomato jam.

In addition to tasting their wine, our hostess Valentina laid out a huge, gorgeous spread of food for us to complete the Tuscan wine tasting experience. And a lot of it was keto-friendly! It included the following (per person):

  • Two types of sheep’s milk cheese (one soft and one hard) served with homemade green tomato jam
  • A selection of three types of Italian ham
  • Bruschetta made with homegrown tomatoes
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Mostarda di frutta, which was basically candied orange peels and other fruits in a mustard-flavored syrup (not low carb at all, but soooo good!)
  • Fresh cantaloupe
  • Mozzarella cheese balls
  • Cured olives
  • Marinated artichoke hearts
  • Chèvre cheese balls with fig served with honey for drizzling
  • Olive oil
  • A huge selection of bread
  • 2 full-glass pours of their Chianti Classico wine
  • 1 full-glass pour of their Vin Santo wine

Charcuterie Platter in Tuscany

Above: charcuterie platter with three different types of pork (Lara enjoyed them all!).

Melon Platter in Tuscany

Above (clockwise from the top): fresh cantaloupe, mozzarella cheese balls, and pickled vegetables.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and one we’ll never forget. And it was a fantastic deal! The cost was 18 euros per person and it included everything we mentioned. A heads-up, the wine pours were full glasses with refills included if desired. If you’re traveling in Tuscany, we highly recommend this Tuscan wine tasting.

Thank you to our lovely Tuscan wine tasting hostess, Valentina, and our fabulous Airbnb hostess, Anna, both of whom made our trip extra special. Wishing you happy travels in Tuscan wine country!

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